Victor Henry

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South of Oaxaca
                        “We can’t make it here anymore”
                                                   James McMurtry

South of Oaxaca
Near Puerto Escondido
Vince’s uncle, a Vietnam veteran, 
Offers his Mexican villa
For soul repair. 

After waiting for over a year
He finally gets his VA disability check.
Packs up his old van.
Fixes a bagged lunch for his two kids.
Heads for Oregon instead

Where he can afford
A three bedroom apartment.
His ex-wife in California
leaves him hung out to dry
like the prevailing drought.

He enrolls
At Oregon State University.
Sets his sights on a telecommunications degree.
Wants to write his war memoir,
Perhaps make a documentary film.

Discovers he’s been a fall guy, a fool, a patsy
In a colossal corporatist’s take over.
Regrets he’d enlisted
In Bush’s Iraq war.
Starts categorizing his notes

Into files of unspeakable truths.  


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