Doug Draime

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10 Year Old Fred

Before dawn
a 10 year
old child
of a white
shot his father

dead, shot him
in the head,
as his father lay
asleep in his
Swastika adorned
sheets, in his
king size bed.

The child, who’s name
was Fred, shot
his father dead
with a .45,
shot him in the
head, an  SS insignia
on the shiny pearl handle.

“Sieg Heil,” screamed
just before
he pulled the
trigger 5 times,
two feet away
from his father,
laying passed out
on the bed.

Fred holding the gun
with both his small
& trembling hands.

His white tee shirt
with blood
& bone splattered all over it,
creating a beautiful
and abstract
tie-dye design.


Doug Draime’s most recent book is More Than The Alley, a selected collection out from Interior Noise Press in 2012. He emerged as a presence in the literary‘underground’ in Los Angeles in the late 1960’s. Currently living in Oregon.