D.E. Steward

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A matter of something to doArtwork by Gene McCormick
Old admonitions to go out
Get one to become gainfully
Employed in a milieu heavy
With free enterprise taboos
Purpose-of-life shibboleths
Credos plugged from birth
By life-embittered geezers
Whose freedom plans never
Crept beyond fuzzy schemes
Before they knuckled down
And started to claw through
The true business of life
“You can travel in your
retirement when you have
time and enough money”
After juggling ownership
And responsibility nets
Finished with their work
A lot have nothing to do
Venture a cruise or two
Or careful ethnic tours
Ireland Israel Italy the UK
Then it’s all TV and golf
Before the big sky condo


D. E. Steward has been a small press writer since he started publishing in the Sixties. His main work in progress is a month-to-month continuous cycle begun in 1986.