David Pointer

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

Jambition’s Inferno

All those rock star flameouts
who were fueled by heroin and
other drugs.  Then they took that
sidewalk soldier/scholar who brought
them pyrotechnics and sonic distortion
through warrior caste guitar chords
and ruined him as well.

Then, decades later, I would meet
Roland Gresham who had given
strat lesson that further allowed
Jimi to strangle contemporary
stagecraft competition like a latter
day Vercingetorix in Rome,
ever ascending rock history:
All Along the Watchtower by way
of six strings burning hot as
gov’t garroting wire.


David Pointer currently serves on the advisory panel at “Writing For Peace.” He has recent work included in The Southern Poetry Series” anthologies, Volumes V & VI for Georgia and Tennessee.