t. kilgore splake

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arid nevada mesquite
empty desert waiting
new crazy dreamers
escaping civilized life
previous ghosts forgotten
big blond girl
not trusting people
couple of cowboys
suffering broken hearts
john huston film
arthur miller in shadows
wrestling with horses
hoping solitude
freedom from wages
regular routines
providing quiet peace

almost seventeen

tits slit heartbeat
bar stool tall perch
girl with issues
distant stare
bored as shit eyes
other voices whispering
guys booze parties
dark tavern corner
fast hand job
desperate get off release
young toughie
without any heart
serious steady man
not understanding love


t. kilgore splake resides in an old tamarack location “row house” in the ghost copper mining village of calumet, in michigan’s upper peninsula. he is currently waiting on the publication of his new poetry collection “splake fishing in america” by PRESA PRESS in rockford, michigan.